Sunday, September 1, 2013

There Really Is a Pain Free Dentist in Glendale

Root Canals do not have the best reputation especially if you talk with someone who had a painful experience with root canals, but the truth is root canals are necessary if you have an abscessed tooth or a badly decayed tooth that has been left untreated, and you and your Glendale Dentist Dr. Kevin Bogdon want to save it.

Bogdon Dental is all about saving teeth and unlike other Dentists in Glendale will do his best to preserve your natural teeth. Your friendly and painless dentist in Glendale prides himself and his practice on painless root canals with a procedure that is safe and effective.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys dental exams, but like doctor’s appointments, they are necessary. If you have not seen a Glendale Dentist in some time, you could be risking the life of your natural teeth.

Root Canals are necessary when a tooth becomes badly decayed. Once the decay has started to burrow inside the structure of your tooth your Dentist in Glendale will have to repair the damage. Only your Dentist in Glendale will be able to tell if you need a root canal. If the damage is not extensive, your Glendale Dentist may be able to repair the decay with a filling.

If the damage is too deep to repair with a filling, your Glendale Dentist will perform endodontics, otherwise known as a root canal. Root canals preserve your natural teeth and can last for many years.

Once your Dentist in Glendale has determined that you do need a root canal he will schedule two appointments as a root canal is literally a two-part treatment. During the first appointment, your Glendale Dentist will clean out the decay from the center of your tooth. He will then reshape the canal and replace the nerve with strengthening filler, which is pain free. During your final appointment for your root canal, Dr. Bogdon will cover the root canal with a crown that will protect the tooth and the root canal.

Saving your natural teeth is something that everyone strives for, but if you have been avoiding the dentist because of fear, it is time to schedule a checkup with the best Dentist in Glendale. Dr. Bogdon is the pain free dentist in Glendale who will get your teeth back to normal in as little time as possible.

Isn’t it about time that you took care of your teeth? Call your Glendale Dentist today.