Thursday, August 1, 2013

Schedule an Appointment with Your Glendale Dentist before School Starts

The best Dentist in Glendale is just a phone call away. Make an appointment with Bogdon Dentistry for the health and well being of your teeth and gums. If you are happy with your new smile, refer a friend to your Glendale Dentist and receive $25.00 off your next dental treatment.

The kids are heading back to school this month and if you have not made an appointment with your Glendale Dentist there has never been a better time. Most parents make sure that their children have new school supplies and new clothes. Moms and Dads also schedule an annual check-up with the family doctor before their sons and daughters head back to school, but what about the family dentist in Glendale. All too often parents forget how important a healthy mouth is for their kids.

According to Aquafresh, it is vital that you take of your kids teeth before the new school year begins. If your son or daughter has a fear of their Glendale Dentist, Bogdon Dentistry has the expertise to lay those fears aside.

Summer is full of activities, fun and vacations, and the dentist is probably the last thing on the minds of your children, and if you have been putting off an annual checkup with your Glendale Dentist it is not too late.

Most moms and dads put off the annual checkup with their Glendale Dentist until the week before school. Unfortunately, appointment slots fill up quickly. If that happens, you might need to make an appointment during your workweek or during school hours. Call your Glendale Dentist today if your son or daughter needs cavities filled or braces fitted.

If your son or daughter has been neglecting oral hygiene, have a chat to your Glendale Dentist. Bogdon Dentistry will be able to show your kids the correct way to brush and floss. Make sure your children know that proper brushing and flossing means less time in the Glendale Dentist chair.   

Do not put it off any longer. Call Bogdon Dentistry today and schedule an appointment for your kids before the new school year starts.